Company Background  |  The Founder

His professional career both as a mechanical engineer and as part of the top management culminated with his position as Executive Vice-President of Sarmiento Engineering during the halcyon days of the local economy. Needless to say, he rose from the ranks.

In 1985, he started the nucleus of what would be Prado and Sons Industries, Inc. They opened shop for all and sundry that needed automotive bodyworks.

From his personal market survey and long term business plan, he concentrated on the commercial banking sector as his focused market. He advised his homegrown version of the armor plating materials and offered the first local armored van that could withstand attacks from high-powered long arms. As a worthy pioneer, the market eagerly sought him.

A meticulous professional imbued with good business acumen, he steered the company with his risk-averse, market centric and customer focused policies, and technology driven research and development, to emerge as the vendor-of-choice in the armored van industry. A dedicated family man, loving husband, and doting father, he always hinges his decision-making on his "diligence of a good father" management style. He is strict yet compassionate.

From his humble beginnings in San Jose Camarines Sur, he took on odd and menial jobs to arduously pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated with honors from the Far Eastern University and subsequently obtained his professional license,

His roles as professional, business, patriarch, friend, and public servant are all in day's work. They likewise came guaranteed with the same top quality as any product or service from the eponymous Prado & Sons Industries, Inc..