Company Background  |  The Founder

Prado and Sons Industries, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1985. Its main business is the fabrication and assembly of truck bodies, aluminum vans, and multipurpose vehicles. It has specialized in the assembly of armored vans that meets the strict requirements and standards of the top commercial banks and security services agencies. Initially conceived as a traditional do-all body works shop fabricating coaches and truck bodies, its founder, the Hon. Dante P. Prado, prudently

reckoned that he needed a specific focused market. As a licensed mechanical engineer, he did his own market survey and boldly chose the armored vans as his premiere offerings. It started on a 500 square meter property as its workshop. It has expanded to over one hectare of production and administrative facilities in Barangay Capri, Novaliches, Quezon City and in Bagumbong, Caloocan City.

The spate of bank hold-ups and robberies in the late 80's paved the way for Prado and Sons Industries, Inc. to assert itself as the pioneer in the assembly of local armored vans that could withstand attacks from high-powered firearms using its homegrown technologies. It subsequently pioneered in the use of imported armor plates and technologies in the local fabrication of armored vehicles that complies with international standards of protection and ballistic testing. Now on its 21st year, it has built more than 2,000 armored vehicles for various commercial banks including the leaders in the industry. Eight (8) out of ten armored vans used by the big banks such as the Banco de Oro, Land Bank of the Philippines, Philippine Bank of Commerce, Philippine National Bank, and other banking giants and numerous security services agencies were built or are maintained and serviced by Prado and Sons Industries, Inc. As the vendor-of-choice with its best of breed armored vans and quality of service, its forward-looking business plans intend to take on new challenges in both allied and non-allied undertakings in the global arena.